Know hematohidrosis, the phenomenon of blood sweating

Hematohidrosis or also called hematidrosis is a condition where a person can sweat blood. This condition is very rare. Although it may seem terrible, hematohidrosis has not been proven to be life-threatening. Patients with hematohidrosis will sweat blood, or blood appears from the pores of their skin, even though they are not injured. Cases like this are very rare, and the cause of this complaint is also still not clearly known. One case of hematohidrosis has ever been reported in a girl in India. A series of medical examinations are then carried out to detect this abnormality. However, apparently no abnormalities were found in the body of the child. She also has no history of surgery, no family history of hematohidrosis, and has a normal menstrual cycle. Causes of hematohidrosis Not much information is known about hematohidrosis due to the scarcity of this disease. Allegedly, hematohidrosis is caused by bleeding in capillaries that drain blood into the sweat glands. Capillaries
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